Our mission is to be the world leader in anti-poverty technology.

We specialise in:



Lifetreat is the simplest and safest marketplace to buy and sell services.

instant messaging

Our app uses instant messaging, Natural Language Processing and Multi-dimensional Search™ to help you find your best customers.


Community development

We develop underserved communities by helping them trade with the outside world.

Only available for mobile numbers registered in the UK

Why mobile number?

Lifetreat is a mobile only service. We hope you enjoy it.


We will not share your number with anyone. We hate spammers as much as you do.


In order to maintain the quality of our service, we are slowly opening the gates.

Our vision is to end poverty

We believe entrepreneurs hold the key to a future without poverty.

By building marketplaces where anyone can become an entrepreneur in less than one minute, that future is within reach.

If you're an exceptional software engineermachine learning researcher, or big data scientist, and want to be part of a world class team working on ground-breaking technology to end poverty, we'd love to hear from you.